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"Eat right, exercise regularly, die anyway."

~ Author Unknown

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Random Thoughts and Reflections

Before having my surgery, I was counting down the days.  I was excited about starting a new experience, a new life, but also excited to have some extended time away from work so that I can focus on myself both inside and out.  I've taken a full six weeks off and I'm so very glad that I did.  Physically, my body is still adjusting to the surgical changes and my lower digestive system is being very slow to awaken from its hibernation, and mentally, I'm having the opportunity to establish good habits and see what works for me as far as getting in all of my protein, hydration, and exercise for each day. 

Generally when I'm working, my work days begin very early in the day, sometimes getting me out of bed as early as 4:30am which is tough for me because I'm much more of a night person. I tend to be somewhat sluggish in the mornings sometimes because of not having gone to bed early enough the night before.  One good habit that I've always had (thanks Mom) is eating breakfast.  I make time in my mornings to eat breakfast almost every single day without fail.  Having breakfast gets my metabolism and blood sugar started for the day so I tend to eat the majority of my calories during the day.  I'm not usually a huge late night snacker, but I've always loved having dessert with dinner. 

While I've been off from work, I'm noticing that while I have the luxury of going to bed late and sleeping in, I still maintain the same habits as far as my food consumption.  If I don't get nearly all of my protein and fluids in early in the day, I have a really difficult time trying to finish them in the evening.  I've tried to spread my meals and protein drinks out throughout the day but it just doesn't really work well for me.  I'm also finding that the more I workout, the easier it is to get my 64 ounces of fluids in.  During the evening, I'm just not very hungry and find it hard to drink much at that time too.

Here is what I ate and drank today, along with the supplements that I take:

Breakfast (or shall I just say 1st meal):  HealthWise Protein Drink (obtained from my doctor's office).  It was 30g of protein in 12 ounces of water.  Supplements: 1 multivitamin, 1 calcium, and 1 probiotic

During my treadmill workout:  Synthrax Nectar Fuzzy Navel protein powder (1 scoop = 23g of protein) in 12 ounces of Diet V-8 Splash, then 32 ounces of ice water.  After my workout I was still finishing the water but was able to finish it before the evening started.  

Dinner:  4 ounces of fat free refried beans with 2 ounces of reduced fat cheddar cheese mmmm...  That's 14g of protein altogether.  Supplements:  1 calcium and 1 biotin

At this point, I've now gotten in 67 of my total 70g of protein for the day, and 56 of my 64 ounces of hydration!!  I'll have one small drink before bed but I'm thankful that I don't feel the pressure of not having gotten everything in.  I'll also take my final calcium and multivitamin too.

For exercise, I've set the goal of 5,000-10,000 or more steps per day on my pedometer or 5 miles on the treadmill.  I'm preparing for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon next month and while I know that I won't be the fastest walker out there, I just want to finish and feel good.  I find that each week I'm able to walk a little longer and still feel great afterward.  The 5 miles on the treadmill takes me just under an hour and a half and that's just about the pace that I will need to maintain during the race to keep from getting picked up by the "you're going too slow and we're closing down the finish line" paddywagon.

I must say that I haven't had one thought of regret for having this surgery so far.  Instead, even on the days that I physically feel like crap, I think about the big picture and the fact that I'm doing something really good for myself.  So often, I, like so many others, try to please everyone around me, even at my own expense sometimes.  I've taken the fall for others before simply because it was easier to bring whatever the conflict was to a close.  I feel so good right now just allowing myself to be renewed.  It's possible that the person who returns to my job will not be the same person that left.  I think that I will be happier because I will have more balance in my life, and I also think that I will be able to let stressful situations roll off my back a little easier because I have to focus on my food and drink consumption and exercise and I can't hide away with junk food to get through the stress.

I know that things will by far not be perfect, but I truly believe that how I handle and react to diferent situations will improve as I am a happier me!